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Stoecklin announces latest version of WMS to improve performance of the entire Picking and Put-away process

New capabilities make product throughout more efficient and provide advanced analytics 

Stoecklin Logistics, a supplier of innovative supply chain solutions, is upgrading its Logistics Operations Suite warehouse management system (Stoecklin logOS) to help current and future users better control all product movement activities in their distribution and manufacturing centers. The new Stoecklin logOS includes an updated material flow module available now and a comprehensive solution upgrade available in the spring of 2021.

Features of the revamped WMS module include an expanded toolbox with many functionalities to choose from based on each customer’s requirements. Prominent among these is a costing tool that calculates extraneous process fees, a hazardous materials module, and new controls for value-added services. There are also added analytics to help drive throughput performance.

“We worked with our customers to develop the new warehouse management system, and they first and foremost wanted the solution to manage their entire facility operation including manual picking. Other benefits they asked for and we delivered include improved usability, enhanced data analytics, and more possibilities for the customer. The bottom line is that users now have one system and one platform to make all of their product handling more efficient,” said Marcel Schaub, Head of System Engineering at Stoecklin.

The first clients trialing the new solution are a major food and beverage manufacturer in Mexico and a third-party logistics company in Switzerland, both of which are seeing dramatic improvements in product throughput and system controls.