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EP 169: StayLinked

In this episode, I was joined by the CTO of StayLinked, Justin Griffith. StayLinked is a terminal emulation solution that allows you to connect to multiple different technologies without overhauling your core systems. I was able to connect with Justin last week during ProMatDX where we discussed StayLinked’s solution, what a legacy system is and how their technology can help your legacy system interface with new technology. Key...

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EP 168: Wear KINETIC

On this episode, I was joined by the VP and Head of Product at KINETIC, Chris Kuruc. KINETIC is a wearable device that helps you with contact tracing when it comes to COVID and also helps improve the ergonomics of workers. We discuss the KINETIC device and technology as well as the origins of the idea. Key Takeaways KINETIC’s wearable device is specifically designed to be a personal ergonomics coach for anyone that is wearing it. It...

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EP 167: Yale Makes an Impact

On this episode, I was joined by one of our original guests, Kevin Paramore of Yale Material Handling. Kevin is the Emerging Technology Commercialization Manager at Yale and has his finger on the pulse of what is coming next and what new technologies Yale will be utilizing. For this episode, we discuss Yale’s new impact camera which is a great safety innovation for material handling. Key Takeaways In my previous discussion with Kevin,...

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EP 166: Pick with 6 River Systems and Chuck

On this episode, I was joined by the number one contender for most guest spots, Fergal Glynn of 6 River Systems. You may remember Fergal from our previous discussion way back on Episode 14 and most recently in the fall as we discussed how things changed since we had spoken at MODEX 2020. For this episode, we checked in to discuss what 6 River Systems will be doing for ProMatDX next week, what is the state of the industry, and...

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EP 165: Locus the Unicorn

In this episode, I was joined by the CEO of Locus Robotics, Rick Faulk. Recently Locus Robotics was valued at $1 Billion making them a “unicorn” in the industry. You may remember that just a few weeks ago I spoke with Karen Leavitt of Locus discussing how the Locus Bot helps with spikes in returns and at the end, she teased some big news coming up which I did not realize would be the new valuation. As you can imagine, we discuss the...

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EP 164: Caja Robotics

  In this episode, I was joined by two guests, Dr. Ilan Cohen and Hannah Yanovsky of Caja Robotics. Ilan is the Chairman and CEO at Caja while Hannah is the CRO & General Manager. Caja Robotics is an Israel-based robotics company providing a goods-to-person solution. We discuss Caja’s solutions, what is unique about the solution, and their partnership with Sela Logistics Center. Key Takeaways Caja Robotics provides a good...

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EP 163: Waste in the Supply Chain

On this episode, I was joined by a very special guest who is a Global Supply Chain Management student at my Alma Mater, Rider University, and who I have been mentoring for the past academic year through my APICS chapter’s mentorship program. His name is Steven Evan and I am happy to report that as of this writing he has landed himself a full-time job for when he graduates this May. I brought Steven to the podcast because he wrote a...

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