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EP 199: Ohmnilabs

On this episode, I was joined by Aaron Campbell of Ohmnilabs. Aaron is the Strategic Partnerships Lead at Ohmnilabs where they have developed some robotics products with their flagship being their teleconference robot. We discuss their offerings, how the idea developed and what the future of their robotics offering might be. Key Takeaways The main product for Ohmnilabs is their teleconferencing robot which is essentially a robot with...

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EP 198: NutraScience Labs

On this episode, I was joined by Adam Gershenson of NutraScience Labs. Adam is the Director of Logistics & Fulfillment Operations at NutraScience Labs which specializes in creating and distributing vitamin and supplement products. We connect and discuss his career path, the importance of communication in the warehousing world, and some of the unique aspects of NutraScience Labs. Key Takeaways Adam and I have a lot in common when...

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EP 197: SOTI

On this episode, I was joined by the Vice President of Product Strategy at SOTI, Shash Anand. SOTI is a suite of software solutions that allow companies to look at their mobile setup and create a more efficient flow on those platforms. We discuss what SOTI does, how they allow users to build their own mobile apps, their recent T&L Report, and lost time. Key Takeaways SOTI is all about your mobile connectivity and ensuring that it...

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EP196: IAM Robotics

On this episode, I was joined by the Founder and CEO of IAM Robotics, Tom Galluzzo. IAM Robotics is a Pittsburgh-based robotics company offering material handling and piece picking solutions for the warehouse. Tom and I discuss the Pittsburgh robotics scene, how IAM Robotics was founded, their offerings, and their collaboration with Tompkins Robotics. Key Takeaways Many of the robotics companies that have been on the show are...

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On this episode, I was joined by two guests from Panasonic, Dan Diliberti and Mike Bates. We discuss the new TOUGHBOOK S1 and how it was developed with varying warehouse environments in mind. Dan is the Head of Mobility Products and Market Strategy and Mike is an Enterprise Account Manager. Dan talks to us from the mobility side and Mike discusses a little more on the broader side of Panasonic. I was previously lucky enough to get a...

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EP 194: SVT Robotics

On this episode, I was joined by A.K. Schultz the Co-Founder and CEO of SVT Robotics. A.K. and I connected during ProMatDX 2021 earlier this year to discuss SVT Robotics and their mission to help improve the deployment and integration of robots from multiple vendors. Key Takeaways SVT Robotics is not technically a robotics company from a hardware perspective but they are leading the way in ensuring that robots are here to stay in our...

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EP 193: RightHand Robotics at ProMatDX 2021

On this episode, I was joined by Vince Martinelli of RightHand Robotics at ProMatDX2021 . Vince has been on the show multiple times since we first started way back at ProMat 2019 and it has been great to see the evolution of RightHand Robotics. The last time we spoke we were discussing how companies are trying to keep up with the E-commerce spike and predictions for 2021. For this episode, we discussed Right Pick 3 and how 2021 is...

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