Episode 473: Warehouse Staffing: A deep dive with Traba’s Read Egger

In this episode of The New Warehouse, Kevin is joined by Read Egger, the Head of Growth Operations and Go-To-Market at Traba. This innovative company is tackling the persistent challenges of staffing in the warehousing sector by merging technological solutions with thorough vetting processes, ensuring the delivery of not just any staff, but the right staff. Traba’s approach addresses critical staffing issues, leveraging technology to...

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Episode 472: Nearshoring Insights from NowPorts’ Mauricio de la Cerda

This episode centers on the burgeoning trend of nearshoring. Mauricio de la Cerda, the Head of Growth at NowPorts, joins The New Warehouse Podcast to share insights into the role Latin America and Mexico will play in reshaping the supply chain. NowPorts operates as a digital freight forwarder, likened to the Flexport of Latin America. With a foundation built on innovation and rapid growth, they’ve carved a niche in the logistics and...

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Episode 471: A deep dive into AI in warehousing with Standard Insights’ Jerry Abiog

This episode of The New Warehouse Podcast features Jerry Abiog, CEO of Standard Insights, discussing the pivotal role of AI in warehousing. Standard Insights was a pioneer in leveraging AI before its mainstream adoption and offers innovative solutions to common industry challenges. This discussion, grounded in Jerry’s rich background and the evolution of AI in business, illuminates the path forward for warehouses seeking efficiency...

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Episode 470: Perpetual Power in warehousing with CaPow

This episode of The New Warehouse Podcast features Dr. Mor Peretz, CEO of CaPow. CaPow, short for capacitive power, is transforming charging and power delivery technologies for the warehouse industry. CaPow aims to solve operational efficiency problems within warehouses, focusing on the energy issues that hinder productivity. Dr. Peretz shares insights into the inception of CaPow, its core technology, and how it promises to redefine...

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Episode 469: Insights on warehouse software solutions from Embassy Data Logistics’ CEO Lee Rector

In this episode of The New Warehouse Podcast, Lee Rector, CEO of Embassy Data Logistics, joins Kevin for an informative episode about warehouse software solutions. With a rich background in warehousing and supply chain technology, Rector shares his journey from founding his company to addressing the challenges of data utilization in warehouses. This episode dives into the innovative solutions offered by Embassy Data Logistics, the...

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Episode 468: Sustainable retail returns with Brian Adams of Retail Reworks

It’s an away game for The New Warehouse Podcast as Kevin visits the headquarters of Retail Reworks in Houston, Texas. He engaged in a thought-provoking conversation on sustainable retail returns with co-founder Brian Adams. With an average retail return rate of over 16%, this $800 billion-plus industry needs sustainable retail returns practices. Retail Reworks focuses on innovating in returns, re-commerce, and remanufacturing. Be sure...

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Episode 467: Driving warehouse efficiency with autonomous forklift products from VisonNav

In this episode of The New Warehouse Podcast, we delve into the transformative power of automation in warehousing and logistics with Ahmad Stokes, Senior Sales Manager at VisionNav Robotics. VisionNav is leading the charge in autonomous warehousing solutions, breaking new ground with its “infrastructure-free” approach to automation. Ahmad delves into VisionNav’s cutting-edge technologies and their comprehensive suite of autonomous...

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