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EP 221: Warehouse Standards

In this episode, I discuss warehouse standards and their importance. This has been one of the most important things to getting fully effective processes in place during my career in warehousing. Standards Breakdown What is a standard? A process that is proven to be effective and is repeatable with the desired outcome Rules that are put in place to ensure the right outcome is achieved every time How to develop a standard Map out your...

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EP 220: Saddle Creek Logistics

On this episode, I was joined by Tony Hollis of Saddle Creek Logistics. Tony is the Director of Technology & Innovation at Saddle Creek Logistics so you can bet we talked about the technology and innovations they are getting into. We discussed how Saddle Creek decides on what technologies to move forward with, their business, and their experience with Locus Robotics. Key Takeaways Saddle Creek Logistics is a third-party logistics...

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EP 219: Warehouse Moves

For today’s topic, I’m discussing warehouse moves. A warehouse move is in regards to moving an operation from one location to another, adding an additional location, or consolidating locations into one. I have experienced multiple warehouse moves in my career and they can be incredibly stressful times especially when a company is just growing to the point of expansion and setting the course for its future. With the growth of...

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EP 218: RJW Logistics Peak Season Tips

In this episode, I reconnected with Kevin Williamson and Greg Forbis of RJW Logistics. You may remember that Kevin and Greg joined me earlier this year to talk about the middle mile and what it means. For this episode, we discussed how RJW prepares for peak season and how they are so successful at retaining employees. Key Takeaways RJW Logistics has been growing with great success since the last time we spoke. Kevin shares the great...

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EP 217: FedEx Autonomous Trucking

In this episode, I was joined by Suman Kharbanda of FedEx. Suman is the Director of Advanced Technology and Innovation at FedEx and has been very instrumental in developing their autonomous efforts. We discuss how FedEx preps for peak season, their new autonomous truck pilot, and what’s next for FedEx on the technology front. Key Takeaways I was very excited for this episode because I have been seeing all the amazing things FedEx has...

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EP 216: FactoryFix

On this episode, I was joined by the Founder of FactoryFix, Patrick O’Rahilly. FactoryFix is utilizing smart algorithms to help bring you top talent in the industrial space. We discuss how FactoryFix got started, how their scoring system works, and some tips on attracting and retaining employees in competitive markets. Key Takeaways FactoryFix was born out of a necessity that Patrick saw through his previous company Compass...

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EP 215: R&D with the Raymond Corporation

In this episode, I was joined by Fernando Goncalves of The Raymond Corporation. Fernando is the Director of Research and Development Services at Raymond and is at the forefront of innovations for the company. Raymond has been on the show multiple times showcasing their many innovations in the material handling world. For this episode, Fernando and I dig into how innovations are happening within Raymond and what innovations are to...

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