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Episode 319: Smart Packing with Paccurate

Welcome to The New Warehouse podcast. In this episode, Kevin welcomes James Malley, co-founder, and CEO of Paccurate. Paccurate is an application programming interface (API) that determines the best way to pack any given parcel shipment. James explains how he went from an art school graduate to a self-proclaimed supply chain nerd, to co-found Paccurate in efforts to address a huge opportunity in logistics, reducing waste and packing...

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Episode 318: PorterLogic Automates Inventory Management

Welcome to The New Warehouse podcast. Kevin’s guest today is Jonathan Porter, Founder, and CEO of PorterLogic. PorterLogic is a technology solution that helps companies reduce costs in their supply chains by directly aligning a company’s operations with its software. Poterlogic strives to automate inventory management by allowing businesses to connect various systems through drag-and-drop, low-code solutions, ultimately improving...

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Episode 317: Hannibal at MODEX 2022

On this week’s episode of The New Warehouse, Eric Andres of Hannibal Industries (Nucor Warehouse Systems) joins Kevin to discuss optimizing warehouse space. Hannibal is one of the largest racking manufacturers in the United States. Over the last several years, Hannibal has also grown on the integration side of the business, completing over $1 billion in full turnkey pallet racking packages. Hannibal was acquired in late 2021 by Nucor...

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Episode 316: Ideal Warehouse at MODEX 2022

From the booth at MODEX 2022, Kevin is joined by Dirk Seis, Director of Marketing at Ideal Warehouse Innovations, Inc. Ideal Warehouse is a company that specializes in making warehouses safer. Their 1000+ products are designed to be easily integrated into existing warehouse systems, and they offer a variety of customization options to meet the specific needs of each customer. By making warehouses safer, Ideal Warehouse allows...

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Episode 315: Sparck Technologies at MODEX 2022

Welcome to The New Warehouse podcast live from MODEX 2022! In today’s episode, Kevin talks with Sparck Technologies, a company specializing in automated and right-sized packaging solutions. Right-sized packaging has taken off over the past few years as a way for businesses to increase throughput and lower material costs. Be sure to listen for more insights into the world of packaging and how to optimize your operations! Key Takeaways...

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Episode 314: The New Peak with 6 River Systems

Welcome to The New Warehouse podcast. In this episode, Kevin is joined by John Evans, Sr. Customer Success Manager/3PL Team Lead at 6 River Systems. 6 River Systems is a solutions provider offering wall-to-wall solutions for warehouse operations of all shapes and sizes. They’re a company that is constantly striving to make warehouses more efficient with flexible, user-friendly, and innovative products. John and Kevin discuss all...

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Episode 313: Zebra Technologies at MODEX 2022

From the booth at MODEX 2022, Todd Boone, Director of Product Management Robotics and Automation at Zebra, joins Kevin for this week’s episode of The New Warehouse podcast. Zebra is a company that has been around for over 50 years and operates in over 100 countries. They offer a wide range of hardware, software, services, and digital solutions to help businesses automate workflows. In this episode, Todd discusses Zebra’s warehouse...

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