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CKF design and build Auto Packer cell for bio-bean, the world’s largest recycler of coffee grounds

CKF Systems were contacted by bio-bean – an innovative company that recycles spent coffee grounds into a fuel source – and were asked to design and build a bag packing cell for their Coffee Logs product. Installed in bio-bean’s production facility in Cambridgeshire, the new system has improved health and safety and working conditions as well as increased efficiency and streamlined their operations. BIO-BEAN is a rapidly growing...

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Lithium Battery benefits become transparent for glass industry

“Lithium batteries made it possible to switch [the company’s forklift fleet] to electric power from propane. Electric [lead-acid] batteries simply did not have enough energy before!” Facility Manager at a glass manufacturing plant. Executive Summary Handling and loading glass with electric forklifts helps companies reduce their operating costs and make their facilities safer and cleaner. The switch from propane to forklift lithium...

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How Light Curtains brighten employee safety in industrial plants

At first glance, a simple beam of infrared light would seem ineffective protection against fast-moving, dangerous industrial machinery. After all, isn’t that what heavy-duty steel guards are for? Yet, these beams of infrared light, when utilized as a component of “safety light curtains,” have prevented thousands of employee injuries and saved countless lives. Unlike other types of more bulky safeguards, such as physical barriers,...

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Deficit economics in the material handling industry: lithium batteries can help businesses get through long lead times on new forklift orders in 2022–2023 As the world recovers from the turbulent years of 2020 and 2021, we are seeing all sorts of repercussions across different sectors of the economy. Unprecedentedly long lead times for durable consumer goods and industrial equipment alike are among these consequences. With a lack of actual inventory for sale, dealers of material handling equipment (MHE) are seeking new revenue sources and adding rental and retrofit...

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10 factors for picking a third party logistics service provider

Selecting the right third-party logistics service provider can be a challenging experience for companies. After the coronavirus pandemic dismantled many supply chains, business continuity planning, technology and automation, and supplier diversity became the top priorities for supply chains everywhere. After all, the reputation and success of your company depend on your logistics provider’s reliability, making a third-party logistics...

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EU Automation

Choosing between variable speed drives and soft starters

Demand for industrial products has risen considerably over the past two decades — and with that, we’ve seen an increase in energy consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. In fact, in 2020, the industrial sector accounted for 33 percent of total U.S. energy consumption. As pressure to minimize consumption mounts, how can industry reduce its environmental impact? Here, Claudia Jarrett, US country manager at obsolete equipment...

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Bipolar Batteries: Little gain for Lead-acid, Bright Future for Lithium

Bipolar Batteries: Little Gain for Lead-acid, Bright Future for Lithium As its name implies, “bipolar” battery technology uses an electrode that is a cathode and an anode at the same time. It is a delicate balance, as we shall see. This technology has recently reached the production stage with lead-acid batteries. Now the experts have a chance to evaluate their performance and reach a consensus: • Lithium-ion batteries with today’s...

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