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Conveyor and Sortation Architecture: Centralized vs Decentralized Systems

When thinking of a modern distribution center, most people will picture a conveyor and sortation system. And while they are truly fascinating on the surface, what lies underneath, controlling the whole operation is equally impressive. Today we’re talking to some members of MHI’s Conveyor & Sortation Systems industry group about what’s under the hood, so to speak. To listen to the podcast, click here.

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Emerging Trends in E-Commerce Fulfillment

When the coronavirus pandemic hit in early 2020, the e-commerce fulfillment landscape underwent a massive shift in response to spikes in consumer demand, with disruptions to labor, logistics, and product supply. Most of those disruptions were already taking shape prior to the pandemic and were only accelerated by new business restrictions and social distancing protocols. Today, e-commerce fulfillment requires more advanced systems and...

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Lithium batteries get the top score based on OSHA’s safety ranking. Lead-acid batteries are not as safe… But is that a surprise?

Why are OSHA data statistics important? Ensuring employee safety in the workplace is a key challenge for all companies. Apart from the moral imperative to preserve workers’ health, there are all sorts of financial and legal costs, and direct losses to employers and employees due to operation interruptions and forced downtimes in the event of any work-related injuries. OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is part of...

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Propane Cylinder 101- Does your crew know all these propane cylinder best practices?

Despite the growing trend towards electrification, propane continues to keep pace in the material handling space thanks to its reliable reputation, clean performance, and easy refueling. In fact, 90 percent of Class 4 and 5 internal combustion engine forklifts are currently being powered by propane. The majority of fleet managers in the middle and top forklift weight classes prefer propane over electric and diesel, according to a...

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How to choose the right Forklift Battery

Choosing industrial batteries can be complicated—there are just so many options that it can be difficult to decide which factors are most important: Ah capacity, chemistry, charging speed, cycle life, brand, price, etc. If you already know what to expect of your battery, use the forklift battery selector to see available options. If you’d like to learn which requirements of your material handling operations are crucial for choosing...

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Natural Rubber Farmer - Sri Lanka

GRI enhances connections with rubber farmers

Sri Lankan natural rubber is the key raw material used in GRI tires. Thus, natural rubber farmers are important stakeholders in the GRI ecosystem. This ecosystem focuses on sustainability and aims to inspire the farming communities by recognizing their work as well as providing knowledge and skills for their development and optimizing the yields from their natural rubber farms. GRI works with about 1,800 natural rubber farmers from...

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Leaner manufacturing with lithium batteries

The recent advances in lithium industrial batteries and their use in manufacturing are remarkable. So much so, that it may become the single most important hardware step-change of the past few decades. By switching a forklift fleet to lithium power, a company can considerably improve its overall financial results, productivity, while lowering maintenance, operational costs and also create a safer workplace environment – all at...

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