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The Li-ion boost in Food and Beverage Industry

Logistics Drives Profitability in Food and Beverage Industry In the food and beverage industry, demand and growth are driven by food consumption and population growth, while profitability is driven by operations efficiency. Changing consumer behavior, dramatically initiated by the pandemic in 2020, is setting new requirements for the logistics and supply chain, at a speed that many industry providers are, arguably, not prepared for....

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What mega-trends in material handling industry are supported by Lithium Technology

The impact of material handling on the recovery of the USA economy is monumental. Some segments were certainly hit harder than others during 2020, but today the whole industry adapts to the new customer demands faster and moves quickly to adopt new enabling technologies. What are the three mega-trends supporting the post-pandemic growth in the material handling industry? Most experts name flexibility, automation, and workplace safety....

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Store fulfillment transformed into Omni-Channel fulfillment

WITRON Logistic + Informatik Gmbh, (Parkstein, Germany) was tasked with reconfiguring UK health and beauty retail giant, Boots’ existing Nottingham Store Service Center (SSC) into a fully functioning Omni-Channel fulfillment center in three weeks. During the early stages of the COVID19 pandemic, Boots continued to see foot traffic in retail locations, which included in-store pick-ups from online ordering.  As the UK entered full...

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New Tests Prove LFP Lithium Batteries live longer than NMC graphic

New Tests Prove: LFP Lithium Batteries live longer than NMC

Recent independent degradation tests of commercial lithium batteries reveal a big surprise! Contrary to the claims of many NMC-based lithium battery manufacturers, LFP chemistry is superior compared to NMC – it is safer, offers a longer lifespan, and is generally less expensive than NMC, NCA. The Two Main Types of Lithium-ion Battery Chemistries Used Of all the various types of lithium-ion batteries, two emerge as the best choices for...

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Innovation as a holistic process: The GRI Story

What does it mean for a specialist tire manufacturer to innovate? How can a company embed innovation into its DNA? As a leading producer of specialty tires, innovation goes far beyond the final product for GRI. “The future outlook for the specialty tire market is a robust one. New technologies, business agility, and innovations can yield vast opportunities for growth for players in the industry. While technology and innovation go hand...

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Loading and palletizing cement bags simultaneously with the BEUMER autopac

Fully automatic loading of bags on trucks  The BEUMER autopac of the 2400 and 3000 construction series is a system that enables users to automatically load bagged bulk materials like cement on trucks and simultaneously palletize them – quickly and with the desired packing pattern. The BEUMER autopac consumes very little energy, is reliable even in dusty environments, and can be easily operated and maintained. The machine is also...

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R&M Materials Handling Inc.installs underground 20-ton capacity overhead crane and hoist

A 20-ton capacity overhead crane and hoist from R&M Materials Handling Inc., sold by Harriman Material Handling (HMH), has been built and installed by CraneWerks 400 ft. beneath the surface at the U.S. Gypsum Company Shoals Mine in Indiana. The Application The top running double girder crane, principally chosen based on the short lead time offered by R&M and its Indiana-based distributor, CraneWerks, is being used to assemble...

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