KHS is driving the digital revolution in the beverage industry

Systems supplier researches networking and line optimization The entire sector is talking about digitization and Industry 4.0 – but what do these oft-cited terms actually mean for the beverage industry? One thing is clear: their potential is vast. Digital technologies simplify processes, intelligently network systems with one another and relieve operator workloads. At the same time the digital revolution presents beverage producers...

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NREL brings promising High-Efficiency Solar Cell down to Earth

After developing a way to produce solar cells using materials previously considered too expensive for use on Earth, scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory have improved upon their method and made the process faster. As reported late last year in the journal Crystals, the scientists pioneered a new growth technique, called dynamic hydride vapor-phase epitaxy (D-HVPE), as an alternative to the current growth technology....

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Lightweight Plastic Containers account for 50% sales in Rigid Industrial Packaging Market, finds FMI

As per a latest report, Rigid industrial packaging recorded a volume sales of ~1.85 billion units, equating a value of ~US$ 26 billion in 2018. Rigid industrial packaging has been gaining rising momentum in a number of commercial sectors owing to its enhanced protective capabilities against harsh environmental factors. The study opines that fast-paced industrialization and increasing demand for chemicals and pharmaceuticals continue...

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The Great Battery Debate: Is Lead-Acid or Lithium-Ion more sustainable?

As climate change continues, environmental sustainability remains a hot topic. So, it’s no surprise that sustainability is at the forefront of battery technology advancement. But with these increased efforts to be “green” come common myths about what technology is, in fact, sustainable. And debates are on the rise about which battery system is more sustainable – traditional lead-acid or the growing lithium-ion. To make the most...

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Westfalia shares tips for justifying the Cost of Warehouse Automation

Storage solutions provider shares insight into the benefits, costs and return on investment of warehouse automation Westfalia Technologies, Inc. (Westfalia), a provider of logistics solutions for manufacturers and distributors since 1992, advises warehouses and distribution centers to turn toward automation to maximize efficiency and reliability of daily operations. Titled “Does it Add Up? Justifying the Cost of Your Automation...

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How late is too late to replace equipment?

When is the optimal time to replace equipment? There are many factors to consider when making that decision, and it’s usually not an easy one to make. No wonder why so many businesses in the access and construction industries put the decision off until their equipment decides for them by way of some catastrophic failure. On one hand, businesses that do this may think they’ve gotten every bit of productivity and utilization they can...

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E-commerce Distribution: How to embark on a Digital Transformation

According to the Gartner Digital Commerce Vendor Guide, 2018, “Digital commerce is a major component of a superior customer experience, with a growing ecosystem of technologies, vendors, and services.” Opportunities abound when trading partners work together to create a seamless, automated, and error-free supply chain with a focus on providing a simple, effective, and enjoyable user experience. Many companies excel at managing a large...

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