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The importance of matching Pallets to Rack type for safe handling

Products arrive in warehouses and distribution centers on any number of pallet types these days: two-way entry, four-way entry, skids, slip-sheets, nine-block, and more. Some pallets are designed with multiple boards—or stringers—spanning the bottom surface; others have a foot in each corner. Pallets also come in a broad range of materials: wood, plastic, steel, paper, presswood and others. And they can come in a variety of dimensions...

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Food producer Allan Brothers Fruit boosts operation effectiveness with Li-ion Technology

Summary This is another example of a team effort that produced a great outcome for the customer. Papé Group / Pape Material Handling introduced Allan Brothers, Inc. to the lithium solution. Bill Dorsett and Tim Gosser brought the idea to life. Then once Onecharge was brought in, Pape’s Walter Tapia, Ron Scott, OneCharge’s Nate Hyatt, Brian Burciaga and Mark D’Amato made the installation happen. OneCharge Li-ion Batteries has helped...

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Where’s secondary packaging going?

The war on packaging waste is fought on many fronts in the beverage industry – from the manufacturers of packaging materials to the bottler. KHS is helping to develop new standards in this field, from which beverage producers and consumers alike are set to profit The way to produce ever more sustainable primary and secondary packaging involves two major lines of approach: recycle and reduce. The first requires that packaging materials...

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Fat Brain Toys thrives in competitive retail market with propane forklifts

NEBRASKA-BASED TOY STORE EXPEDITES SHIPPING WITH PROPANE EQUIPMENT Keeping pace in today’s retail world is no small undertaking. A company’s reputation and customer satisfaction depend on its ability to move and ship materials at a rapid pace. Fat Brain Toys, a family-owned and operated business in Omaha, Nebraska, can attest to the challenge. Fat Brain Toys takes pride in designing and curating world-class toys and games, and in...

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New Phoenix center study links railroad investment to industry’s deregulation

Analysis shows risk of Surface Transportation Board’s renewed interest in aggressive regulation of U.S. freight rail industry Prior to the Staggers Rail Act of 1980, over-zealous regulation brought the U.S. rail industry to the brink of total financial ruin. The Staggers Act restrained regulatory excesses, leading to an economic resurgence of the rail industry. Even so, some firms in the rail industry struggle to earn a competitive...

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Flexcon’s precision container solutions are good medicine for pharmaceutical distributor

Background: Independent pharmacies across the country rely on Rochester Drug Cooperative (RDC) for their daily shipments of prescription and over-the-counter drugs. At times, the timely delivery of medicines is critical for patients. For RDC’s client base of independent pharmacies who are competing against giants like Walgreens and CVS, that means delivering to patients without delay—otherwise they’ll lose customers to the Rite-Aid...

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TVH tips: Lubrication of the lift chain

The lift chain is an important part of the lift truck that deserves a lot of attention. The lifespan and good functioning of a lift chain depend on its use and maintenance. Each mechanical system, whether complex or not, requires constant lubrication in order to function perfectly and be protected. It is crucial that lift chains are regularly treated with a professional lubricant. By lubricating the chain, it retains it optimal...

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