NOVA Triple Range Hook image

NOVA reengineers Lock & Load™ hook

Major trailer manufacturers are taking initiatives to increase safety for passenger vehicles by reinforcing their rear impact guard (RIG) bars to better absorb impacts, resist bending, and offer greater protection against rear-end collisions. The two most recent prevalent changes to the RIG bar include a new pentagonal shape and the addition of a reinforced vertical center plate. These new RIG bar configurations are not compatible with current industry designs of the rotating hook.

NOVA Technology is pleased to announce the reinvented rotating hook for our Lock & Load™ vehicle restraint to accommodate the recent changes in RIG bar designs.

NOVA’s all-new, patent-pending Triple Range Hook is designed specifically to secure new RIG bars that are pentagonal or feature a 4-1/2” vertical center plate, along with standard rectangular RIG bars. Along with added versatility, our new hook is upward-biased to ensure continual engagement during trailer float or any truck movement even after repeated impacts. Instead of a traditional barb, the Triple Range Hook features an elongated surface to capture RIGs with center plates and the interior surface of the hook is multifaceted with multiple RIG capture zones for rectangular, pentagonal, and reinforced RIGs. For added safety and convenience, its elevated hook shank maintains engagement and eliminates false-negative RIG bar sensing from gaps created by carriage movement.

NOVA only sells to registered dealers; however, we are happy to assist you in locating a dealer near you.