Elevated Conveyor Upender section by Multi-Conveyor image

Multi-Conveyor builds elevated conveyor that maximizes production

… from 3 baggers to robotic pick

Multi-Conveyor recently built this conveyor system to transport bags of sugar from three separate bag filling machines to ultimately feed a robotic tray packer.

The filled bags exit the bagging machines standing upright with the narrow edge leading. Three lanes merge into one, with a pneumatic traffic cop gate system.  Once single filed, the bags are knocked down on their face (wide edge leading) and bump turned to narrow edge leading, as they travel for the remainder of the system.

The bags then incline, transport above shop level through multiple curves, including tabletop and friction belt variations, then decline back to shop level. Conveyor speeds range from 70 to 140 bags per minute or 200 fpm depending on product size.

The elevated conveyor provides uninterrupted shop production below and maximizes floor space.  Fixed stainless steel guide rail brackets control product stability throughout twists, turns and elevation changes the entire length of transportation.

We asked Michigan Sugar Company Contract Engineer, Robert Hite, to sum up, his experience working with Multi-Conveyor. Here’s what he had to say. “We found Multi-Conveyor to be extremely professional and helpful to our sugar bagging and conveying operation. We have used them for many years in a number of projects. They have great follow-up service when we have asked questions or requested field modifications. I would suggest Multi-Conveyor be your source as well.”

Special shout out to Multi-Conveyor distributor, EPS (www.engpaksol.com), for their partnership on this project. Job well done.