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NAW launches “NAW Podcast Series: Innovate to Dominated by PROS”

NAW is pleased to introduce to the wholesale distribution industry the new NAW Podcast Series: INNOVATE TO DOMINATE, sponsored by PROS. The NAW Podcast Series is a must-listen for distributor leadership, innovation teams, supplier partners, and anyone motivated to help distribution lead the way to the future of business. In the first episode, “An Introduction to the Innovate to Dominate Podcast Series,” listeners will learn about the INNOVATE TO DOMINATE series and what it means for the wholesale distribution industry in the context of COVID-19. To subscribe to this limited series, click here.

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Ruth Stadius

“We are so excited for this new way to engage with our members and others across the industry, innovate through this channel and share real-world B2B stories of innovation from industry experts and leaders from the front lines of distribution,” said Ruth Stadius, Vice President of Thought Leadership at NAW. About This Free Podcast Series

This new NAW Podcast Series is centered around the findings in NAW’s best-selling research study, Innovate to Dominate: The 12th Edition in the Facing the Forces of Change® Series, written by NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence Fellow Mark Dancer and sponsored by PROS, which helps distributors to connect the dots between the forces of change all around us, the things that are reshaping how customers buy and how businesses operate. It connects the dots between those forces of change and how distributors can actually innovate their business model.

Distributors are innovating, and the goal of this podcast series is to provide a roadmap for distributors to get ahead of this disruptive market. Follow Mark Dancer and Richard Blatcher of PROS as they interview special guests along the way to help distributors “Innovate to Dominate”! Mark Dancer says, “Throughout the podcast series, Richard Blatcher of PROS and I conduct in-depth interviews with special guests who provide strong opinions and share fresh insights for distributors to consider as they chart their path to the future. We dig deep to help apply each podcast’s unique lessons to potential distributor innovations.”

All the remaining episodes in this limited series can be accessed by podcast subscribers, so to subscribe, click here. Subscribers will receive exclusive episodes directly to their inbox. The first five episodes in this series are:
Episode 1: An Introduction to the Innovate to Dominate Podcast Series, featuring Mark
Dancer and Richard Blatcher
Episode 2: Another Game in Town: Alibaba Enters the U.S. Market, with special guest John
Caplan of Alibaba Group
Episode 3: Platform Versus Value Chain: Making Sense of Platform Business Models, with
special guest Alex Moazed of Applico
Episode 4: Overcoming Culture: How a Son of Distribution Built a World-Class Webstore,
with special guest Sean McDonnell of
Episode 5: Gut Check: A Distribution Point of View on Disruption and Change, with special
guest Ian Heller of Distribution Strategy Group

This limited podcast series will feature a few additional episodes later this year that include interviews with more actionable ideas from the front lines of B2B innovation.