HTC Bag Flattener image

Huron Technology Corp. announces the Flattening Belt Conveyor

Huron Technology Corp. has introduced the Flattening Belt Conveyor also known as the Bag Flattener Conveyor which is ideal for optimizing end of the line production of bagged materials. The Bag Flattener automates the bag flattening process for a safer, more consistent, and controlled method of layering bagged products on pallets prior to wrapping and shipping.

HTC_Bag Flattener_Flattening BagA pneumatically actuated adjustable airbag opening between the two inverted belt conveyors allows the Bag Flattener to manage a range of bag sizes. The Bag Flattener can process up to 12 bags per minute, ranging from 5 to 50 pounds each. The Bag Flattener is suitable for a variety of bagged materials including grains and seed, foods, and lawn and garden to concrete and insulation.

The Bag Flattener is available in both horizontal and inclined models to fit a variety of application needs. Don’t let shipping damage from loose or irregular loading cut into your profits. Learn how efficiently you can prepare bagged materials for more stabilized shipping.