Han® 1A Selection Guide Cover

Han® 1 A – Compact Robust Versatile

The Han® 1A offers a compact, robust and universally deployable rectangular connector system for transmission in all lifelines of Industry 4.0 (data, power, signals). Smaller drives are becoming more common and require smaller interfaces. This new connector series reflects the trend with space optimized housings and inserts. The Han® 1 A is 30% smaller than the Han® 3 A, which was previously the smallest offering in the Han® Industrial connector series.

Due to the modularity and a variety of different applications, the Han® 1 A is suitable for all areas in which small drives, sensors and devices must be supplied. Individual components can be quickly assembled to form a ready-to-use connector. The portfolio also includes accessories such as fasteners for rapid wall mounting, strain relief or color coding pins.

The series follows the Han-Modular® principle. The customer can flexibly combine insulating bodies, contacts, housings and interlocks to interfaces and achieve degrees of protection according to its requirements. An IP20 solution with only two components can be assembled for use in protected areas within industry.

Only a few additional components are required to make it a water- and dust-proof solution with single-wire sealing mats, which in turn enables gripper and other robotic tools to be fed in pluggable manner. With additional housing elements, the degree of protection can be quickly extended to IP65.

In addition to interfaces in an IP-protected environment, the Han® 1A is ideally suited for the supply of devices and small actuators in the periphery of production facilities and for the connection of tools or small machine modules. Even with minimal warehouse inventory, users can use just a few basic elements to equip many different applications. As a result, Han® 1 A offers maximum options with minimal stock on hand. This makes the Han® 1A the most versatile series in the Han® portfolio.