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EP 219: Warehouse Moves

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Kevin Lawton

For today’s topic, I’m discussing warehouse moves. A warehouse move is in regards to moving an operation from one location to another, adding an additional location, or consolidating locations into one. I have experienced multiple warehouse moves in my career and they can be incredibly stressful times especially when a company is just growing to the point of expansion and setting the course for its future. With the growth of e-commerce and distribution in general, companies are expanding their distribution footprint constantly so I thought it would be a good time to share some of my insights. While a move will never be perfect, I wanted to share some tips that I have learned over my career that will help to make your move smoother.

My Warehouse Move Tips

  1. You cannot move without a plan.
    1. Create a plan that involves the teams who will be executing
    2. Make the plan make sense for your capabilities (system, space, transportation, headcount)
    3. A plan that is not followed is pointless
    4. Do not underestimate the time and resources needed
  2. Inventory counts
    1. Get rid of any obsolete or non-moving stock before hand – do not move the trash
    2. Ensure you have the most accurate inventory you can achieve before moving
    3. If possible do a physical in the building you are exiting
    4. Count with employees that you trust to have accurate counts
    5. Transfer from problems from one building to the next will only cause more issues
    6. Count on the way in
  3. Standardize and train beforehand
    1. Make sure that your standard work is in place at the new facility before inventory reaches the docks
    2. If all new staff ensure that they are trained on the processes
    3. Make sure the put-away process and flow is totally understood
  4. Adjust the flow of goods as needed
    1. Some items take longer to put away
    2. Adjust the amount of inventory coming on a daily basis if there is a backup
    3. Do not create an overwhelming situation for the receiving warehouse
    4. Think about the way the product is being sent
  5. Do not stress and you will get there
    1. The move will happen and it needs to happen
    2. Work your plan and adjust the flow as needed
    3. Do not create an overwhelming situation for all parties
    4. Manage the expectations of leadership and understand deadlines

Please share your stories of warehouse moves with me on LinkedIn, in the comments below or email me at kevin@thenewwarehouse.com. Thank you for all your support!

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EP 219: Warehouse Moves