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PT WORK Force® tackles employment-related challenges found in recent Power Transmission/Motion Control Industry Report

PTWORK Force®, an initiative of PTDA Foundation, commissioned a workforce trends study to explore the current state of the power transmission/motion control (PT/MC) workforce and identify the employment-related challenges faced by organizations in the industry. Findings from the report indicate:

  • Forty-two percent of PT/MC employers do not have a dedicated HR department—meaning the responsibilities for recruitment and hiring are only a component of someone’s position, not the focus of their job.
  • PT/MC employers find recruiting and hiring new employees challenging according to 79 percent of survey respondents; 77 percent find it more challenging now than three years ago. For PT/MC companies with no HR department, 92 percent report challenges with recruiting and hiring.
  • The top three challenges in recruitment and hiring in the PT/MC industry are a lack of applicants/small talent pool (74 percent); applicants lack experience or qualifications (61 percent); and competing with other companies for the same talent (57 percent).

With low unemployment, impending retirement of baby-boomer employees and the lack of awareness of the PT/MC industry, traditional recruitment methods will no longer be as effective as in the past. Using PT WORK Force® resources such as PT/MC specific job postings and descriptions, onboarding checklists and a career fair DIY guide, PT/MC employers will be able to navigate the path forward in building a competitive workforce of the future.

PT WORK Force® (where WORK stands for Workforce Outreach, Research and Knowledge) is designed to help the PT/MC industry overcome the challenges associated with turnover in its workforce. Resources empower companies to find, hire and retain the best and brightest talent from across North America.