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McGuire introduces the UniChock

McGuire’s new UniChock wheel-based truck restraint can help prevent unexpected trailer departure or movement from the loading dock during the loading process, providing an overall safe work environment and reducing the risk of accidents. This universally effective chock is especially beneficial for any docks that service trucks with liftgates.

The UniChock’s unique profile and zinc-plated steel teeth provide a secure grip on the ground that is unparalleled in the industry. The chock’s aluminum construction also makes for a lightweight, easily maneuverable restraint, while maintaining its durability.

UniChock truck imageThe UniChock is equipped with interior and exterior light communication between the truck driver and dock personnel.  Utilizing sensors in both the chock unit and storage bracket, the red/green lights will indicate the position of the chock, as well as a message on the included iDock Controller.

If the chock is removed from a safe position during loading, audible alarms will sound until the chock is put back in place.  After loading is complete, an audible alarm will also be used if the chock is not returned to the storage bracket, keeping it out of harm’s way.

Want to monitor the use of your truck restraints and/or other installed dock equipment?  Connect the UniChock’s iDock Controller to the cloud with myQ Dock Management and monitor the real-time status of your docks, or analyze loading activity over time.