Mitchell elevated to CEO at All Star Rents

All Star Rents, a family-owned equipment rental company based in Fairfield, Calif., with 13 locations in Northern California and Nevada, has announced Kathryn deVries Mitchell as its new CEO. Mitchell, who has served as chief financial officer since 2008, is a third-generation rental owner of the company.  

In addition to her experience as an accountant at one of the Big Four accounting firms, as well as her 10 years as All Star Rents’ CFO, Mitchell brings the irreplaceable knowledge derived from many years of real-life education from her family. Mitchell’s family imparted the significance of watching the key metrics for their business to keep it profitable, as well as the importance of community and being local, two concepts Mitchell has embraced in her position as CFO. Mitchell also serves as a director on the California Rental Association board, a position held previously by both her father Ken DeVries and her grandfather Ted DeVries. Mitchell is also the head of the Insurance Committee for CRA.