ROTO-WRAP Combination – Spring assisted height Leveling Table and Docking Stretch Wrap Machine

King Group USA have supplied a unique combination of height leveling pallet packing tables and stretch wrap machines to some of the USA’s largest companies.

The idea that an operator can load cartons onto a pallet that goes down incrementally, using springs under load is not new, but combined with a stretch wrap machine that docks to it, and completes the load / wrap combination without removing the pallet, is something many companies are looking for, as it removes one operation – that of taking the pallet to another location to stretch wrap it.

The spring assisted self-leveling table starts out at 32.6″ high plus pallet height. It lowers to 14″. The turntable is one piece zinc plated with a 2″ down-turned edge, so no dirt or product falls through the center. The deck is fitted with an anti-slip mat. Diameter is 45″. It is supported underneath by two rows of sealed bearings.

Load capacity is 4400 lbs and comes complete with all springs. Simply wind up the legs, and remove one or more springs for lesser load ratings.

A dampener prevents the table from oscillating and reacting violently, if the load is dropped on to the deck or removed quickly.

A motor/gearbox combo with a wheel friction drive is installed under the turntable, but is not ‘live’ until the stretch wrapper has been docked. The turntable can be manually rotated meantime.

The standard base allows for fork tine entry from either end, and hand pallet truck entry from either side. A low profile base is available where entry by fork lift tine only from each end is possible. Same prices apply – just mention which base type you prefer.

The docking stretch wrapper clips to the main unit, then connects to a 110v outlet. The film carriage takes hand stretch film only, and the roll is counter-weighted. The film is tied to the pallet corner. A push button soft start rotates the deck to reach 13rpm, then the film is raised and lowered by the operator whilst he/she is tightening the film tension brake. Maximum wrap height using the standard mast is 70.8″, or with the optional mast 80.2″. The wrapper can be stopped to allow a protective top cover to be placed over the load, before re-commencing wrapping.

It is possible to have several self-leveling tables and only one docking stretch wrap machine.

Model RW-C. Roto-Wrap is available in zinc plated finish, for food, chemical and pharmaceutical use, or powder coated black and yellow.