Preventing the safety hazards linked to static electricity build-up in non-marking forklift tires

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During a full shift of high-speed travel and heavy loads, forklifts can store static charges up to 50,000 V – A major safety hazard when running on non-marking tire. Indeed, static electricity generated with non-marking tires is stored rather than dissipated, making shocks, sparks, power outages and facility damages ever-present hazards. All of which can result in downtime, lack of productivity and costly damages.

Camso took this issue very seriously and came up with a real solution to the problem at ground zero: “Where the rubber meets the floor.”

Earlier this year, the company unveiled its patented non-marking anti-static (NMAS) technology, a special device taking the form of a telltale black dot on the face of the tread that allows static electricity to dissipate. Made of highly conductive black rubber and connected all the way from the steel band to the tread face, it acts as a plug and dissipates the accumulated electricity on every rotation.

Camso’s NMAS technology eliminates the risks of static build-up generated by non-marking tires, thus ensuring a safer and more productive work environment where forklifts are running on non-marking tires. The innovative NMAS technology is featured in Camso’s latest press-on tire, the Solideal PON 775 NMAS.