Modular AGV Platform offered in multiple formats from Dematic

Dematic Corporation

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Atlanta, GA 30339

Dematic Compact is a modular Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) solution for the transport and staging of pallets in production and warehousing operations. As an automated pallet transport solution, the compact AGV accommodates point-to-point transfer of pallets, skids, racks, tubs and rolls with automated pick-up, transport and drop-off. The Dematic Compact AGV is the ideal pallet delivery solution for repetitive material transport tasks in multi-shift operations.

The Dematic Compact series of AGV vehicles share a common frame structure and drive module to which the load-handling device is mounted. The Dematic Compact AGV formats include straddle fork, counter-balance fork and tugger. Onboard vehicle control software and system control software is standardized for all vehicle formats to enable fast and easy configuration.

The Dematic Compact AGV provides the functionality of conventional Dematic AGVs, but in a pre-engineered, modular format for low to mid capacity applications. This design allows for a smaller size or “compact” vehicle that can operate more efficiently within the layout of the facility. In addition, the pre-engineered modular vehicle design supports high uptime, simple maintenance procedures, a short implementation schedule and a lower price point.