Manufacturing Connector BlogTM recognized as Top 100 Best Global Supply Chain Management Blogs

LMA Consulting Group’s Lisa Anderson’s The Manufacturing Connector BlogTM has been named to the top 100 best global supply chain management blogs by SupplyChainOpz, an online worldwide information resource covering supply chain management and logistics for academics, consultants and business.  Anderson, who is also recognized as the 16th most influential in supply chain management and sustainability by technology leader SAP in the “Top 46 Resource and Optimizations Influencers (Plus a Few Others),”is a regular content contributor in topics including supply chain, ERP and SIOP. She actively posts blogs three times weekly and has two newsletters, Profit through PeopleSM and “I’ve Been Thinking.”

“I’m thrilled that my blog has been selected as one of the top supply chain management blogs globally,” shares Lisa Anderson, President of LMA Consulting Group. “Supply chain management strategies can have a dramatic impact on a company’s ability to elevate business performance.  My goal is to provide thought leadership and pragmatic, value-packed advice on how to leverage end-to-end supply chain strategies in conjunction with the optimal people, processes and systems to successfully grow the business, accelerate cash flow, and improve profits.”

Anderson, also known as The Manufacturing Connector, strives to help companies forge worldwide partnerships and align their supply chains with the manufacturing process to exceed customer expectations, streamline operations and to free up capacity to support significant growth with minimal, if any, capital investment.