Intella Liftparts displays new products at Promat 2015

Intella Liftparts announced that it will be displaying four new product lines at the Promat 2015 show in Chicago on March 23 through March 26. Intella’s BlueSpot® safety light helps reduce forklift/pedestrian accidents. Since its introduction in early 2014, Intella’s BlueSpot® has proven to be the most popular forklift safety accessory in the last 25 years. The light is UL listed and features a sturdy metal construction with stainless hardware. Intella will also display a new line of backup cameras. Both wired and wireless systems are available allowing operators to see objects behind them and avoid accidents. Intella is the exclusive importer of the OrangeMover IL500 supervisor cart. Stop by the booth and check out the OrangeMover’s tough construction. 1100 pound load capacity, Curtis controller.

ATIB forklift battery chargers are coming to the USA. With exclusive distribution rights, Intella will market the UL listed chargers to forklift dealers, rental companies, and repair companies. Check out and see the new product from Italy’s top charger manufacturer.