Green Cubes Technology Brings Sustainable Lithium Batteries into four U.S. Airports

Green Cubes Technology announced its first large-scale commercial sale of lithium battery systems to the ground support equipment market. With its Lithium SAFEFlex® battery system, Green Cubes will power select belt loaders, baggage tractors and container loaders at four U.S. airports, including Cincinnati, Ohio, Dallas, Texas, and Northern & Southern California.

Green Cubes Technology, along with a large eCommerce retailer and a leading ground support equipment manufacturer, is powering the shift from legacy lead-acid batteries to more sustainable and optimized lithium alternatives. These lithium battery systems provide higher equipment performance at a lower cost and dramatically reduce the environmental impact of battery powered systems.

“We are proud to be a leader in the conversion to Lithium in ground support equipment, a growing $7.5 billion market,” said Tony Cooper, General Manager of the Motive Division of Green Cubes Technology. “With higher efficiency, better performance and lower long-term monetary and environmental costs, lithium can really transform the ground support equipment industry, especially in cold environments.”

With Lithium SAFEFlex®, airports and equipment manufacturers can retrofit pre-existing ground support equipment to mitigate startup costs associated with converting battery systems. Simultaneously, these battery systems require no watering or equalizing and provide true fast charging, eliminating maintenance costs and time lost from swapping batteries on a regular basis.

“With ground support equipment operating in every kind of climate imaginable, it’s imperative to have a power solution that can withstand extreme temperatures,” explained Cooper. “Lead-acid batteries simply can’t maintain performance in cold environments, and maintenance costs are extremely high. With lithium batteries, ground support equipment operators will see longer lifecycles and increased charging efficiency so equipment can optimize aviation operations, not hinder them.”

Designed to increase speed and efficiency, Lithium SAFEFlex® offers a reliable and durable solution for any weather environment. With a recharge efficiency of more than 98 percent, Lithium SAFEFlex® drives electrical savings and ultimately reduces damaging effects of heating batteries.

Green Cubes Technology’s customer will begin official use of Lithium SAFEFlex® at these airports within weeks.