Stertil-Koni Honors seven Distributor Companies for Rapid Sales Growth with Aspire Program Award

Heavy duty bus lift and truck lift leader Stertil-Koni just announced that seven distributor companies in its North American network have earned its coveted Aspire Program Award, based on their accelerated pace of sales growth.

The Aspire Program salutes Stertil-Koni distributors who have achieved marked incremental sales gains on a year-over-year basis, thereby placing them in a new, heightened level of performance. The awards were presented recently at Stertil-Koni’s 23rd Annual Distributor Meeting, held in historic Annapolis, Maryland.

Recipients of the Stertil-Koni Aspire Program Awards are:

  • Alan Tye & Associates, headquartered in Fairfax, VA
  • Westvac Industrial, based in Alberta, Canada
  • Reeder Distributors, located in Fort Worth, TX
  • Municipal Maintenance Equipment (MME), headquartered in Sacramento, CA
  • Safetylane (USA LIFT), located in Bloomington, IN
  • Power Washer Sales, headquartered in Littleton, MA
  • Midwest Lift Works, based in Jordan, MN

In making today’s announcement, Stertil-Koni President, Dr. Jean DellAmore noted, “It is my great honor to recognize these top performers. What is particularly special and gratifying is that a number of these companies are first-time winners. To me, that underscores how dynamic and driven our distributor network is in terms of bringing the very best in heavy duty vehicle lifting systems and service support to the entire North American marketplace.”

Also commenting was Aspire Program Award recipient, Peter Haralovich, president of Safetylane Equipment Corporation (USA Lift), who noted: “Being named a Stertil-Koni Aspire winner is a significant achievement for Safetylane Equipment Corporation. We are a small family business focused solely on Stertil-Koni heavy duty vehicle lift equipment products and service. Efficiency is our mantra, so achieving the Aspire Award while competing with larger companies within the Stertil-Koni network indicates we’re on the right track. It’s a team effort. Superior products. Superior people.”

Added, Chris Bussey, regional sales manager at Reeder Distributors Inc., “Being an Aspire Award recipient is a very rewarding experience. It is recognition by Stertil-Koni for an extremely successful year between Reeder Distributors, Inc. and Stertil-Koni heavy duty vehicle lifts. It also shows the strong belief that Reeder Distributors has in the Stertil-Koni product line and the high level of importance and focus that our organization places on the heavy duty lifting market throughout Texas and Louisiana.”

Celebrating its second Aspire Program Award was Westvac Industrial Ltd. The company’s Sales Manager, Shane Vermeulen noted: “Even though 2018 was a somewhat sluggish year for the Canadian economy, we diversified ourselves and our opportunities. We were also fortunate to have a large volume of complex projects we were pursuing. Many of these take years to develop and we approached each stage in the right way, involving members of our team and working directly with Stertil-Koni to obtain these opportunities and earn these orders.”

In conclusion, DellAmore said, “At Stertil Koni, the customer is always our top priority. It’s also a philosophy embraced by our distributors, each of which is exclusive in their respective territory. And, it is precisely that passion for a superior product, people and support that has helped catapult Stertil-Koni and our distributors to the top of the heavy duty vehicle lifting industry.”