Forklift-International execs offer webinar on best online tools to sell forklifts

Last week Material Handling Wholesaler hosted Forklift Founder and CEO Hubert Mühldorfer and COO and Managing Director of Forklift Christoph Schmid in a special one-hour presentation about the best online tools to maximize online buying and selling of forklift trucks and accessories on Wednesday, March 6th.

Mr. Mühldorfer and Mr. Schmid explained why email, SEO, platforms/marketplaces, and social media are important for lead generation and why buy-and-sell websites like are the most cost-effective way to deliver leads and transactions both locally and internationally. They also walked their audience through the administrative side of the web site and showed you how easily a forklift dealership can add inventory, generate sales quotes and reports, create flyers and stock lists, and embed your inventory into your existing web site.

The webinar is now available when you register with this link at no charge.