Dematic introduces modeling software to validate Intralogistics System performance

Dematic Corporation

2727 Paces Ferry Rd SE, Ste 2-1500
Atlanta, GA 30339

Dematic introduces Dematic iQ Virtual, a new emulation and simulation platform, that is used to validate and visualize the operational aspects of automated intralogistics systems for the warehouse. Dematic iQ Virtual allows users to thoroughly explore a proposed system configuration in a virtual environment and gain a true perspective on precisely how the system will perform in actual operation.

Dematic iQ Virtual provides an isolated, digital twin of the production environment where extensive testing of the system occurs. The virtual emulation model uses graphic-rendering technology to accurately portray labor productivity, inventory flow and the efficiency of material handling automation.

A direct connection to Dematic iQ Optimize Warehouse Execution Software (WES) enables the virtual emulation model to verify efficient system operation, confirm functionality of the software integration and determine how the system will perform during a variety of operating conditions. Dematic iQ Virtual is ideal for evaluating various “what if” scenarios to determine impact on system performance. This evaluation process drives engineering improvements to system design. The emulation modeling software is used to evaluate the designs of both production and distribution intralogistics systems.

According to Scott Wahl, Vice President of Dematic Software Center of Excellence, “Dematic iQ Virtual can corroborate that the intralogistics system, execution software and material handling automation will meet and exceed the performance expectations of the user. Furthermore, the emulation software allows users to be immersed into the automated warehouse environment with a three dimensional perspective view or with a walk-through of the virtual warehouse using a virtual reality headset.”