Yosemite Software welcomes new forklift software programmer

Yosemite Software has added John Jakic to their software programming team. John has over 10 years of experience in programming software applications for the forklift industry and extensive software experience with the following languages: C#, C++, Visual Basic, Java, COBOL, and MobileFrame. John’s initial responsibility will be to create and update manufacturer price book data for Yosemite Software’s flagship product, Sales Rep’s Assistant or SRA.

There has been a significant increase in the number of price book changes and updates from the major forklift manufacturers for 2013. Along with this increase in price book changes, there has been a rise in popularity of battery price books. These two influences have put an enormous amount of pressure on the price book programming team. In addition, Yosemite Software is also expecting to add several new equipment and battery manufacturer product lines to SRA in 2013. John’s addition to the team will ensure a significant improvement in the time frame for the release of manufacturer price book updates in SRA.