The Importance of Conveyor and Sortation Systems for Controlled Growth

The Conveyors and Sortation Systems (CSS) Industry Group of MHI has produced a new video titled “The Importance of Conveyor and Sortation Systems for Controlled Growth.”
The video tells a story of a business whose growth is outpacing their system’s ability to keep up. The video then outlines ways that correctly implementing a conveyor or sortation system can help increase productivity and optimize the way their materials are handled by partnering with experts.
“With the increased demand on manufactures, distributors, and ecommerce companies to deliver higher volume at a faster pace, it’s important to understand how automation can support and enhance a company’s performance.   The membership of CSS at MHI is committed to helping these types of companies manage their growth through conveyor and sortation solutions.  I’m very proud of the membership of CSS and what we have been doing to create value and content like such as this video to benefit our membership as well as our end users,” says Todd Hunter, CSS Chair and Industry Segment Manager at Intralogistics.
The video can be viewed at

Author: CSS Group

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