Unit4 signs partnership adding logistics handling for humanitarian NGOs to its industry portfolio

Unit4, provider of enterprise systems for not-for-profit organizations, announces a new partnership with US based Humanitarian Software LLC (HS), to extend its offering to not-for-profit organizations worldwide with specialist supply chain software.

Humanitarian Enterprise Logistics Manager (HELM) is a modular, scalable enterprise software solution. Designed to manage both purchased and donated (gift in kind) inventory, it supports the warehousing and distribution needs of non-profit organizations working in humanitarian aid and disaster relief, including barcoded warehousing, purchasing, receiving, order building, kit building, shipping and reporting. It also supports very specific industry processes such as splitting and kitting, handling planned/unplanned in-kind donations, reverse logistics and tracking and tracing of batches (especially in medicines and pharmaceuticals).

“HELM is specifically designed to address the unique needs and challenges of gift in kind, humanitarian and disaster relief supply chain management,” said Steve Bardos, Managing Member at HS. “These organizations have to manage the intake of unexpected and donated materials, utilizing materials at hand rather than purchasing or manufacturing set finished goods, and deal with new challenges in meeting donor restrictions and international shipping requirements daily. Unit4’s experience delivering project accounting and financial accounting solutions for non-profit organizations, combined with our specialist logistics handling capabilities create a compelling proposition for humanitarian aid organizations.”

“Humanitarian Software is an experienced solution provider focused on the needs of the non-profit sector,” said Henk Jan Onstwedder, Global Head of Not-for-Profit at Unit4. “Humanitarian aid and disaster relief organizations typically have some very unique business models and challenges that are not well covered by traditional supply chain management software. Combined with our expertise and industry ERP solution, we offer a complete and tailored solution for these organizations delivering the clear value they need in their strategic processes, and most importantly, supporting their people to be effective in their work.”