Tompkins International announces reorganization, promotions

Global supply chain consulting firm Tompkins International has announced organizational changes that will further strengthen its focus on client satisfaction and expand its expertise in global end-to-end supply chain consulting and implementation.

“We’ve always put our clients’ needs first, and this will never change,” says Jim Tompkins, founder and CEO. “Our reorganization ensures that the ‘voice of the client’ is paramount and that our company continues to grow and lead clients to further successes through improvements in processes, people and technology.”

Denny McKnight, former EVP of Supply Chain Consulting Services and an expert in global distribution strategy, has been promoted to President of Tompkins International and will be responsible for executive management of the company’s day-to-day operations. Dale Harmelink, an expert in logistics and warehousing and formerly Partner in charge of operations, will now assume the role of EVP, Supply Chain Consulting Services, and will be responsible for leading this area.

Well-known supply chain and business strategy expert Jim Tompkins will continue as CEO and devote the majority of his time to client interactions and innovations in services, as well as thought leadership activities such as the Creating Supply Chain Excellence Blog, podcasts, speeches and videos.

“I’m pleased that Jim asked me to take on this role as President and look forward to building on Tompkins’ history as the leader in supply chain innovation, operations excellence, and performance improvement,” says McKnight. “It’s an exciting time to be in this business, as supply chains are more important than ever today in providing value, service and profits for our clients.”   

With this reorganization, Tompkins will continue to work closely with companies to ensure that their supply chains fully support their business strategy, as well as future growth in areas such as omnichannel, demand-driven supply chains, local delivery, supply chain execution systems, innovation, speed, adaptability and sustainability.