Santana Equipment Trading Company expands

Santana Equipment Trading Company has reached the one year anniversary of its expansion to Phoenix, Arizona. Since branching out from its Chicago, IL headquarters, the company has found rapid success growing in the Western region. Expanding to Arizona has allowed the company to strengthen relationships with existing southwestern and west coast vendors/clients, increase export sales to Mexico, and reach out to thousands of new businesses.  The Western division has doubled its warehouse operation since the initial opening. President and Founder, Eric Davidson, notes “the forklifts stored in our warehouses provide substantial value to small businesses and start-ups in need of additional physical capital for their operations. Our forklifts are fully mechanic inspected and offer an affordable alternative to new equipment for non-intensive applications.”  Santana Equipment Trading Company has brought its Corporate Marketing Manager, Alex Stuckey, to the Phoenix, AZ office to assist the growing western operations.  Mr. Stuckey will begin scouting local talent for college internships and district sales manager positions. As the expansion to Phoenix continues to prove successful, the company will begin to explore options for opening a third location, which it hopes to accomplish by 2015.