Santana Equipment Trading Company adds to management team

Santana Equipment Trading Company promoted Angel Acosta to District Sales Manager. Angel attended the Intern/Management Trainee sales/marketing program for 3 months. The program includes a specifically designed course to teach recent college graduates about the intricacies of business and current social media marketing trends in today’s economic climate. The Santana Equipment Trading Company instituted their Intern/Management Trainee training program over 10 years ago and have recruited and promoted many employees to work for Santana. While the program is continuously being updated to adhere to the changes in the workforce, Santana Equipment Trading Company is always looking for new students to train. Santana Equipment Trading Company has also expanded their operations to include Phoenix along with corporate HQ located just outside of Chicago. This allows the company to recruit from both coasts as well as in the Midwest to bring in young talented college graduates like Angel. One of Angels other great strength’s is he is fluent in Spanish. This allows more contacts and assistance to sell to Santana’s Latin American market. The Hispanic market has increased their revenue opportunities and Santana Equipment Trading Company has taken advantage of their growing staff of Spanish speaking employees to sell to our Latin-based clientele. Angel has been a strategic individual who has managed to work very closely with our growing base of Hispanic customers.

Eric Davidson, President and founder of Santana Equipment Trading Company notes “Angel is one of our diamonds on the rough as he is relatively early in his business career and speaks fluent Spanish”. Eric continues “This allows the company to train Angel on our business operations and we can send him to our Latin American community to work with our Hispanic customers.” Eric also notes, “Adding Angel to the sales team allows us to continue to hire talented bilingual employees for the company.”