RMI Corporation celebrates 30 years

RMI Corporation is pleased to announce their upcoming 30 Year Anniversary.  Three decades ago, Paul R. Chapdelaine, C.P.A. founded the business as an accounting firm offering state of the art PC based accounting software to their clients.  While developing a training program, he discovered an underserved niche market – computer rentals – and a new business opportunity was born.  RMI’s early commitment to the equipment management and technology industries is the foundation of RMI ADVANTAGE, the foremost business management solution for rental, sales, and service businesses.

“It’s hard to believe how far both equipment and technology have come over the years.  From DOS based systems backed by a server room to web based solutions where data is stored in the cloud, we are incredibly proud to look back on these last 3 decades and know we’ve stayed ahead of the curve–anticipating where technology is going and taking the equipment rental, sales, and services industries there.”  Said Paul R. Chapdelaine, C.P.A – President of RMI Corporation.  “RMI’s success over the years stems from a constant drive to bring best in class system innovations and services to the equipment rental, sales, and service market.  Most recently, RMI introduced the equipment industry to cloud based software, delivering mobility, business intelligence, and cost savings to businesses of all sizes.”

How does a business drive innovation in the software industry for 30 years? “By breaking away from industry norms that don’t serve the best interest of the customer.” said Paul R. Chapdelaine.  RMI’s first break was to abandon the industry standard of time-and-materials based Help Desk support in favor of subscription based unlimited support.  Finding acceptance in the market space, they began offering fixed price services for implementations, modifications, and upgrades, something competitors are still afraid to do today.  While these changes gave customers peace-of-mind, it made it essential that RMI do the job right the first time, every time.

“Under the fixed price model, any job that took longer than projected could result in a loss.  This required us to hold our entire team to the highest standards.  Customers understood and appreciated that.  Even to this day, the last remaining customers using ADVANTAGE on premise enjoy fixed fee services,” said Chapdelaine.  This deep-rooted philosophy of continuous process improvements through industry expertise and technology drove RMI to take the greatest risk of them all.

In 2007, RMI moved their ADVANTAGE solution to the Cloud.  As a result, every aspect of a customer’s implementation, support, data storage, quarterly updates, 18-month upgrades, maintenance, and more are included in a single monthly fee, with no long-term commitment.  Success under this model is attainable only by delivering the highest quality business solution and services.   The approach is working. In 2013, RMI was awarded Microsoft’s Top Performing Partner award for new customer adds. 

Today, RMI Corporation is proud to offer a comprehensive business management solution that goes beyond providing businesses increased efficiency and full visibility into their performance.  ADVANTAGE includes all of the technologies and tools to meet the needs of all employees of the businesses they serve.