Debabrata Datta

PRECO Electronics® announces winner of 2019 International Safety Leadership Award

PRECO Electronics® has announced that Mr. Debabrata Datta, mining head and consultant at Larsen & Toubro India, as the recipient of the 2019 International Safety Leadership Award. The past Excellence in Safety Awards have garnered so many international submissions, PRECO recognized the importance of presenting an award to an international safety leader separately. In honoring those who educate and take action to improve safety on and off the worksite, PRECO commends and supports the significant difference safety leaders like Datta make across the globe.

Datta has been in the mining industry for over 35 years, positioned at the forefront of mine safety in India throughout his career. An exceptionally demanding task when dealing with those who have been working in the mining industry, an especially dangerous environment, littered with incidents. The International Safety Leadership Award recognizes Datta for his instrumental role in helping mines throughout India recognize the value of safety and the impact it has on the lives of others.

“Mr. Datta emphasizes the need for more companies to take an active role in bringing about safety compliance in their operations as it reduces costs to the company,” Nate Jensen, PRECO’s International Sales Representative said. “Using safety improvements to lower accidents, and health and insurance claims, Datta’s efforts show that compliance leads to better outcomes for the entire organization. His progressive mindset continuously puts safety at the forefront of mining businesses, where it matters most.”

After gaining two decades of experience in management with L&T, Datta joined their cement division as head of mining and process improvement of mine and plant. Today, Datta consults with L&T as well as other companies on effective safety strategies. Introducing various techniques, Datta helps reframe the safety perception. Leading companies to see improving safety as the mechanism through which people can work more freely and with confidence, and not solely as an expense.

At L&T, Datta has led countless mining projects, working on continuous improvement activities in all varieties of open casting. Datta has spent his career within the mining industry, bringing his passion for safety with him. Datta now consults for mining applications and supports the team and safety throughout the process.

PRECO appreciates the growing participation and nominations for the award. It is an honor to be among outstanding safety leaders such as our nominees and to hear from those who support and recognize their hard work and dedication to safety.