Hannibal increases efficiency as part of nationwide expansion

Hannibal Industries, Inc. announced that it has implemented significant advancements in its manufacturing facilities in Los Angeles to stay ahead of the technology curve as the material handling industry continues to automate.  These advancements, including sophisticated robotics and upgrading IT systems, are helping the company increase efficiency and provide precision products to its customers on a global scale.  

In addition to modernizing the company with cutting-edge technology, Hannibal Industries’ expansion to the South has also added 16 jobs in the last quarter and has plans to add 100 more jobs in the next three years.  

“Customer demand for Hannibal’s rack products has increased both nationally and globally, and the company has matched that demand with innovation and technology in order to deliver without delay,” said Steve Rogers, executive vice president at Hannibal. “Hannibal Industries is proud to be on the leading edge of technology, expanding its global presence and continuing to be the company the industry looks to for a high-quality diverse pallet rack offering.”