Four New Penn terminals set safety records

Employees at New Penn terminals in four locations were recently honored for achieving new safety milestones. The Milton, Pa., Cinnaminson, N.J., Altoona, Pa., and Burlington, Vt. terminals have all passed the one year mark with perfect safety records that hold true even today. This safety accomplishment was achieved through the attentive safety focus of terminal employees, supported and encouraged by New Penn’s continuous internal safety initiatives and training programs. “Safety is primarily about constant awareness,” said Tim Irish, Burlington, Vt., Terminal Manager. “If you always remind employees about ways to work safely, it helps to stay focused on that goal. We regularly show employees how to avoid injuries, and encourage them to rethink any potentially dangerous work habits. We all want to go home healthy and injury-free at the end of the day.” “You can’t put a price on the safety, health and well-being of our employees,” said Steve Gast, New Penn President. “These safety records are their own rewards. We are incredibly happy to be celebrating them. For our employees, their families, our customers, and the people who share the road with us, safety is truly our first priority. The achievement these four terminals have reached illustrates a deep commitment. I want to personally thank our employees for their continued dedication to safety.” Some of the safety tools provided include educational videos, posters and regular safety meetings. Technology, including in-terminal weather and roadway monitoring systems, also helped New Penn employees work more safely. These safety successes were earned during a year that experienced blizzards, hurricanes, flooding and a great deal of severe weather in these regions which make these safety records even more impressive. The safety records include employees across all operations, including dockworkers, drivers, office workers and sales personnel. In recognition of their achievement, terminal employees received commemorative jackets that featured the safety record, terminal name and state.

About the Winning Terminals

  • Altoona, Pa.: Manager-Rick Cox, 62 employees, 528 days injury-free as of Dec. 21, 2012—going strong
  • Burlington, Vt.: Manager-Tim Irish, 26 employees, 415 days injury-free as of Apr. 4, 2013—going strong
  • Cinnaminson, N.J.: Manager-Steve Kapfer, 136 employees, 365 days injury-free as of Jan. 6, 2013—going strong
  • Milton, Pa.: Manager-Ruth Mull, 39 employees, 704 days injury-free as of Feb. 20, 2013—going strong