Food Logistics FL100+ ranks Yale as Top Technology Solutions Supplier

Yale Materials Handling Corporation has been named one of Food Logistics top 100+ technology solution providers in the food and beverage supply chain market. The publication recognized Yale for three innovative technologies designed to help customers increase efficiency including the MO25 multi-level order selector, Yale Vision and Yale iSi Technology™.

Engineered with a unique lifting platform, Yale’s MO25 multi-level order selector allows operators to pick from levels up to 10 feet high, increasing SKU diversity by up to 400 percent without expanding the size of the facility. Orders containing high SKU diversity can be seamlessly picked, packed and shipped with one piece of equipment – decreasing travel time while increasing efficiency and speed to market. 

“Space is at a premium in today’s food, cold storage and grocery warehouses,” said Mick McCormick, Vice President, Warehouse Solutions, Yale. “The design of materials handling equipment must consider the need to hold and fulfill more inventory and multiple SKUs in less time. By choosing the appropriate solution, facilities managers can combat these challenges while increasing efficiency.”

To enhance performance and productivity, Yale Vision wireless asset management system offers comprehensive monitoring and reporting, providing a true picture of the total cost of operations. The data generated through Yale Vision helps customers drive fleet efficiency, improve operator performance and reduce downtime. With three customized levels ranging from wireless monitoring to wireless access to wireless verification, customers have the flexibility to upgrade as their needs change.

“Yale Vision provides enhanced levels of monitoring and control, resulting in reduced downtime because of the instant access to diagnostics,” said Steven LaFevers, Telematics Solution Manager, Yale. “Companies who have implemented Yale Vision can also improve operator accountability – awareness of productivity and impacts can lead to reduced damage and better labor management.” 

Food Logistics also recognized the company for its Yale iSi Technology, a common control system with consistent functionality across Yale’s line of warehouse trucks. The Integrated Smart Interface utilizes the same software, diagnostic codes and functionality – creating commonality for users, supervisors and service personnel. By offering full customization, Yale iSi Technology allows truck performance to be matched properly with the operator’s skill level, further increasing efficiency and productivity.