Crown to address iron and steel technology professionals at annual Safety and Health Conference

Crown Equipment Corporation announced that Jim Gaskell, director of global Crown Insite™ products, Crown Equipment, will speak at the Association for Iron and Steel Technology’s Safety and Health Conference in Atlanta on September 11. Gaskell’s presentation, “Improving Operator OSHA Compliance and Safety with the Use of Technology,” will feature practical examples of how companies are using advanced technology to better manage their operations and assets. Forklifts equipped with advanced technology, such as Crown’s Insite Productivity Suite, can help reduce workplace injuries and increase operator accountability. “Operating mobile equipment in a manufacturing environment has its own set of safety challenges, and it’s important to recognize the role technology has in improving operator safety,” Gaskell said. “New technologies control equipment access by requiring operators to enter a login prior to use. This process keeps operators accountable and alerts managers when a collision occurs. Warehouse and facility managers also have access to an electronic licensing documentation process that automatically recertifies operators and ensures compliance. Through the implementation of new technology, managers may receive critical information that allows them to better enforce safety and control costs.”

Sponsored by AIST’s Safety & Health and Material Handling Technology Committees, the conference focuses on reinforcing safety and health initiatives at metal-producing facilities, as well as those of associated suppliers, vendors and contractors.