Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC launches new advertising campaign

Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC has launched a new advertising campaign titled “More Than Mezzanine Flooring.”  The campaign highlights the additional services and research that accompany ResinDek® mezzanine flooring, which has been installed in 14 different countries. Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products is one of the few, if not the only company that focuses 100% on mezzanine floor performance for warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants and fulfillment centers. The new campaign includes print ads, a soon to launch video at ProMat 2013 and direct mail focused upon 4 core themes:

  • Layout Drawings that optimize materials for budgets and customized Installation Drawings that save time and money.
  • Multilingual Sales and Technical Assistance with detailed shipping documents for ease of receiving and installations.
  • On-Site Installation Assistance to insure proper installation and complete customer satisfaction.
  • Testing and new product development highlighting the advantages of ResinDek in Ergonomics, Environmental friendliness and Economics. This also includes their extensive research that is conducted within Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products’ Engineering Department as well as with universities and outside consultants in the following areas: pallet jack rolling load tests, uniform loads, coating gouge with wear resistance, screw holding, seismic shear resistance, fire codetests, coefficient of friction, NEMA stain resistance, electrostatic discharge and tabor abrasion.

Very few companies focus 100% on mezzanine flooring and how to improve its performance with material handling equipment, robots and employees. So as the world leader in mezzanine flooring, it was time for Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products to communicate their value added services and benefits to the marketplace. Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products will focus upon the same message at ProMat 2013, an MHIA (Material Handling Industry of America) International Expo at McCormick Place, Chicago, January 21-24, in booth no. 1563 where a ResinDek mezzanine platform will be displayed. “The panel of experts” will continue to be used as the service mark for ResinDek structural work platform flooring panels.