Annual scholarships announced for exemplary students of Graebel employees

This week, five college-bound students of Graebel Companies, Inc. employees were awarded fifteen hundred dollars each to spend toward their college expenses in the fall. For nearly three-decades the program has granted scholarships to Graebel employees and drivers’ college-bound children and this year, a total of 25 applications were submitted. Two independent judges with a background in education reviewed the 25 anonymous applications and chose their top ten candidates. During the final round of review, Bill Graebel SGMS, chief executive officer, personally reviewed each application.

Selection criteria was based on candidate academic excellence, responses to essay questions, extra-curricular activity participation and the completeness of the application. The 2014 Graebel scholarship recipients include:

  • Sandra Adounvo, daughter of Claude Adounvo
  • Yuliya Hartenbower, daughter of James Hartenbowe
  • Paige Kordonowy, daughter of Dave Kordonowy
  • Naomi C. Quispe, daughter of Naomi S. Quispe
  • Ryan Ubinger, son of John Ubinger

Graebel commented, “This year an impressive group of aspiring students were among the applicants. This program was founded by my mother, Lois Graebel, in 1986 to help invest in the futures of the sons and daughters of Graebel employees and drivers. It is with great pleasure that we rewarded these five students for their hard work thus far and provided a helping hand toward their future.