Adrian’s Safety Solutions announces Awards of Excellence for Safety

Adrian’s Safety Solutions is presenting four awards to outstanding companies with excellence in safety practice and culture.

Steve Dew, president of Adrian’s Safety Solutions, announced this year’s award recipients:

  • Warehouse Safety Award – GE Energy Connections
  • Dealer of the Year Award – Cisco-Eagle
  • Fleet Safety Award – Work Truck – Miller Pipeline
  • Fleet Safety Award – Freight – Kirkland’s

“Safety is the foundation of Adrian’s Safety Solutions and I am proud to present each award to these four worthy recipients,” said Dew. “It is inspiring to see so many companies practicing safe workplace strategies, and I commend these four special companies for their excellence.” 

Dew explains that one of the missions of Adrian’s Safety Solutions is to make the workplace safer by offering affordable safety solutions.

“Each award recipient has exemplified superior commitment to workplace safety and great safety technique choices in the workplace,” said Dew.

According to Dew, effective control of pallets and cargo, whether on the road with fleet customers such as Miller Pipeline or Kirkland’s or relative to warehouse safety with GE Energy Connections, is the core of Adrian’s Safety Solutions business.

Terry Wagner of Forklift Systems, an authorized warehouse dealer of Adrian’s, says they worked with GE Energy Connections to increase the safety level at its facility.

“GE has long been known for leading the charge to provide safe workplaces and we join Adrian’s in congratulating them on enhancing their facility safety, which has now been recognized through the Warehouse Safety Award,” said Wagner.

Additionally, Scott Stone, Cisco-Eagle’s Director of Marketing, expressed the company’s gratitude for its recognition as “Dealer of the Year.”

“We’re proud to be recognized as we strive to bring our customers the very best in material handling solutions,” said Stone. “We’re able to do so with the rack safety product line offered by Adrian’s.”

“These award recipients continue to cultivate an ideal environment for workplace safety and understand its importance as a top priority,” said Dew.