Accellos announces integration with Rand McNally

Accellos announced a powerful integration between its Prophesy Dispatch transportation management software (TMS) and Rand McNally’s in-cab mobile fleet management devices. The new integration is designed to allow dispatchers and drivers to focus more on their jobs and less on the legwork of communicating load information. When a dispatcher creates a load, all necessary load data is automatically sent to Rand McNally’s in-cab device, and in turn, all confirmations, arrivals/departures and other updates sent back by the driver are automatically processed by the software. Meanwhile, robust GPS position tracking allows complete visibility over the fleet. Integration via Rand McNally Connect allows load information to be sent automatically to the drivers in cab device including origin; address; city; state; destination; goods information including weight, pieces, pallets; scheduled pick up date; and delivery date and time. It also enables the driver to send and receive items such as actual arrival time; actual departure time; Bill of Lading number, actual goods; actual quantities broken down into weight, pallet, pieces, trailer number, and more. The integration includes Rand McNally’s TPC, TND™ 760, and HD 100 fleet management devices.

  • The dynamic pairing between Prophesy and RandMcNally offers:
  • Full integration with Prophesy Dispatch
  • Precise GPS tracking
  • Enhanced load position mapping
  • Two-way automated data communication (loads), between dispatcher and drive
  • Automated check calls
  • Automatic ETA updates
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Reduced communication costs

“Partnering with Accellos to provide the power of real-time information flow from the cab to the office will open up significant business opportunities for Prophesy Dispatch users. Our combined product will enable any size fleet to compete in today’s complex market,” said Jim Rodi, Senior Vice President of Rand McNally.

“We are proud to offer this powerful integration with Rand McNally,” said Bill Ashburn, Accellos Senior Vice President, Prophesy Transportation Solutions. “This integration will further open lines of two-way communication between dispatchers and drivers, which will help trucking and brokerage companies save money, work more efficiently, and improve their bottom line.”