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Softeon Launches Innovation Lab to support companies with hands-on experience with the latest technologies

Softeon’s Warehouse Management and Execution Systems at the Lab Power Put Walls, Mobile Robots, RTLS, and more

Softeon, an innovative provider of supply chain software with the industry’s best record for customer success, announces the opening of its new, expanded Warehouse of the Future Innovation Lab, under which it will continue the company’s strong track record of innovation in Warehouse Management and Warehouse Execution Systems (WMS and WES) and beyond.

The new 2200-square-foot lab has been opened in an office complex close to Softeon’s Reston, VA headquarters, replacing a smaller lab that Softeon had opened inside its headquarters building in 2008.

Softeon Innovation Lab demo imageSofteon made significant investments in distribution technologies and tools to power this new lab. The facility features a small sortation system with an integrated weigh scale and label print and apply; Voice applications; smart carts; pick-to-light systems; mobile robots, put walls and more.

All of these technologies are powered by Softeon’s WMS and WES solutions, which provide direct management and optimization of the systems without the need for any additional third-party software, as is typically the case with other WMS providers.

The lab serves multiple purposes, including:

  • A unified testing bed for Softeon engineers to develop and commercialize new distribution capabilities and technology
  • The chance for customers and prospects to interact with Softeon subject matter experts
  • The opportunity for companies to gain hands-on experience with a variety of software and materials handling technologies and to craft solutions to distribution challenges and opportunities

“The new Innovation Lab both illustrates and supports Softeon’s position as the leader in warehouse software innovation, as industry analysts have recognized,” says Dan Gilmore, chief marketing officer at Softeon, adding “We continue to push the envelope in WMS and WES, and now have a world-class facility for our own R&D efforts and for customers to experience and explore ideas.”