Regal’s Perceptive Technologies® Services Now Include Wireless Monitoring System

Regal’s Perceptive Technologies® Services now include Wireless Monitoring System

This package of products and services enables companies to perform automated analyses that deliver waveform and spectral data for the best predictive capabilities

Regal Beloit Corporation, a manufacturer of electric motors, electrical motion controls, power generation, and power transmission components, announced the introduction of new solutions for wireless vibration and temperature monitoring. The Perceptive Technologies® wireless monitoring system provides 24/7 services to help detect abnormalities in equipment before they become problematic.

At a fraction of the cost of a wired system, this new Regal Perceptive Technologies wireless monitoring system eliminates the need to be near operating equipment and is adaptable to any industry. Monitoring can be performed on-site or from a cloud platform on equipment like fans, pumps, motors, and blowers.

Regal’s wireless monitoring system allows users to take advantage of the extensive industry experience of the Perceptive Technologies team to monitor and analyze machinery remotely, helping to improve reliability and maximize production.

“Unlike other wireless systems that provide only basic diagnostic data, the Perceptive Technologies wireless monitoring system delivers complete raw and analyzed data to help manage assets and provide flexibility,” said Daniel Phillips, director, reliability, and maintenance — CMRP for Regal. “Users receive easy-to-understand, actionable information without the need for manual diagnosis.”