Quality Bicycle Products improves accuracy, efficiency and sustainability during 10 years with HighJump

HighJump announced that Quality Bicycle Products (QBP) has increased accuracy, efficiency and sustainability, as well as decreased error rates since implementing HighJump™ Warehouse Advantage warehouse management system (WMS). QBP is one of the largest wholesale distributors of bicycle parts and accessories to the cycling industry, serving more than 5,000 independent bike dealers.

In the 10 years since implementing HighJump Warehouse Advantage WMS, QBP estimates it has experienced an inventory accuracy increase of 15 percent, an order cycle time decrease of 10 percent and an order error rate decrease of 20 percent. In addition, it has achieved a 20 percent savings on returns and preprocessing due to increased accuracy. With HighJump Warehouse Advantage’s open architecture, QBP has been able to perform configurations on its own, including custom user interfaces, process changes and workflows for specialty items. When one of its warehouse layouts changed, the QBP team adapted the processes in the WMS. As the company grew from a single site to a multi-site distribution network, it used the HighJump WMS to implement a waveless order processing system that enhanced its outbound processes and improved throughput on the conveyor systems.

In addition, picking is faster and more accurate, allowing QBP customers to place orders later in the day and still take advantage of same-day shipping. Inventory control reports make the slotting and reporting of inventory much easier for the inventory control teams, and the real-time visibility dashboards provide immediate metrics for managers to monitor efficiency and productivity. These operational efficiencies align with QBP’s sustainability goals, allowing QBP’s ordering, picking and packing to go paperless. Additionally, QBP estimates an energy savings of 10 percent due to increased efficiencies. 

“The HighJump WMS has certainly helped us manage our growth over the years, including doubling our inventory,” said Steve Flagg, founder and president, QBP. “When choosing a vendor, we wanted a company that could be a long-term partner and work collaboratively with us. We’ve met that goal with the HighJump team and look forward to growing the relationship with the addition of our fourth distribution center later this year.”

“We are thrilled to celebrate a decade-long partnership with our friends at QBP and to know that our solutions have helped support their growth,” said Chad Collins, senior vice president and general manager, supply chain execution, HighJump. “QBP’s laser-focus on superior customer service has driven their success, and we are pleased that our adaptable WMS continues to serve their needs.”

Today, there are approximately 200 concurrent QBP employees using the HighJump system to efficiently manage shipping 21,000 boxes and 139,000 lines per week across three distribution centers.