New Xtender battery regenerator

The Xtender is an all-in-one machine for discharging, desulfating and recharging lead-acid batteries. The process consists of 6 cycles, starting with a controlled discharge, then two restorations cycles, followed by another discharge and final restoration.  It is fully automated with touchscreen programing, using a high frequency pulsation process, for a full range of battery types and specifications, from 2V to 150V and up to 3000AH. Sulfation is the main reason for capacity and efficiency loss, which is caused by the accumulation of extremely hard lead sulfate crystals. The Xtender uses a high frequency pulsation process to break-down these crystals. A complete reporting feature is included, giving details of accurate improvements to the battery. Its process can be monitored remotely and included is a software package with updates available on-line. Also available, are Battery Monitoring Sensors (BMS) that provide accurate data on the health of individual cells.