New Automated Wire Cutting Management gives Electrical Distributors a competitive edge

Advanced feature set expands upon Latitude WMS’s existing wire cutting management capabilities and provides valuable solution to control remnants

 PathGuide Technologies, a provider of warehouse management system (WMS) and shipping solutions for industrial and retail distributors, just announced the availability of a Wire Cutting Management module that integrates seamlessly with the company’s Latitude WMS solution.

The new module is a precise way to electronically prioritize, group and plan wire cuts. Now Latitude users can define wire cuts that go together, along with the containers and grouping required, eliminating the need for cut operators to manually manage this process. For distributors struggling to track remnants, the module provides an essential new tool to maximize existing remnants and avoid the need to take cuts from a new spool.

“This advanced module was specifically designed to effectively manage, control and ship high value wire assets sold by electrical distributors, allowing them to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing the manpower required for the wire cutting process,” said Eric Allais, president and CEO of PathGuide. “It’s a robust planning tool that provides the flexibility needed to quickly fill orders accurately and reduce waste thanks to the visibility of precise wire inventory lengths.”

PathGuide’s Wire Cutting Management module allows electrical distributors to:

  • Define and direct wire cuts and groupings (e.g., parallel reels, etc.) at the point of order entry to the ERP.
  • Automatically batch and prioritize cuts upon order import and tailor them as needed. This effectively (and simply) drives order picking of these items.
  • Tag and identify specific cuts and groupings, ensuring orders are picked and shipped error free.