METTLER TOLEDO announces new scales for basic industrial weighing tasks

Even basic weighing tasks require precision in production environments. Miscounting, inaccurate weighing or incomplete orders can cost businesses in money and reputational damage. METTLER TOLEDO can help businesses avoid those unwanted situations with its cost-effective basic scales.

Industrial basic scales combine the manufacturing quality and weighing expertise that METTLER TOLEDO is known for with the simple and easy-to-use functionality of a production tool. This new line of scales offers all of the features required for accurate weighing without all of the unnecessary extras that can drive up cost.

The Industrial basic scale line comprises the following products:

  • Basic portioning scales for fast, mobile food weighing
  • Reliable checkweighers for food and manufacturing applications
  • Rugged floor scales and pallet-weighing solutions for logistics and warehousing applications
  • Reliable basic counting scales for accurate order picking, packaging and completeness checks.

Industrial basic scales come with stainless or mild-steel weighing platforms, easy-to-read terminals and secure overload protection. All scales are intensively quality tested and adhere to the required industry standards.