Magliner towing option for pallet dollies

Magline, manufacturer of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions, announces an all new towing hitch option for pallet dollies.  This option increases material handling efficiency with the ability to tow multiple pallet dollies at once.  With a towing capacity up to 12,000 pounds, benefits include improved material flow and reduced inventory and material handling.  This option can retrofit to existing tilt-model pallet dollies.

Magline is also introducing a handle that allows an operator to quickly connect to a pallet dolly to maneuver a single pallet dolly by hand.  This option can be used with or without the multi-dolly towing capability.

Richard Stuck, Industrial Engineer/TPS Supervisor at TG Fluid Systems, has been using a prototype version of the hitch system since November, 2014.  He says of the system, “Our current containers – full or empty – required fork lifts or pallet jacks for any type of movement.  Since implementing the lightweight Magliner Pallet Dolly system in our facility, our operators can easily move full and empty containers by hand in a production cell, or transport product to its final destination.  The ease of movement and compatibility with all pallet models eliminates down-time, and the ability to train pallet dollies together increases material handling efficiencies by moving multiple containers in the same trip.”