Lista offers workstation solutions for electronic assembly

Lista International Corporation announces the availability of its efficient and modular workstations for electronic assembly. Ergonomically designed, these workstations offer unlimited flexibility to accommodate the changing workplace.  Lista Arlink 8000 and Align Adjustable Height Workstations offer an unparalleled level of functionality and customization, while providing ergonomic benefits to workers.

The Arlink 8000 Modular Workstation is easily configured and reconfigured, making it ideal for multiple functions and changes in workflow. The convenient adaptability provides a cost-effective solution for all assembly needs. When combined with a broad selection of above-worksurface accessories, the Arlink 8000 allows workers to maximize efficiency and productivity.

The Align Adjustable Height Workstation features ad adjustable base height range from 27” to 42” that provides quick and easy alignment for new tasks or to accommodate different workers. This helps reduce fatigue, stress and injury potential, and is ideal for repair, test and assembly processes. Align workstations are available with both electric and hand-crank height adjustability.