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Larson Electronics introduces Skid Mount Solar Boxes

Solar-powered systems consist of many parts – from batteries and charge controllers to converters and fuses.

Housing all of these components in a single, easy-to-access job box is a very effective way to organize, utilize and transport the equipment around remote areas.

Larson Solar boxes single imageThrough robust protection from outdoor elements (sunlight, moisture, and debris), investing in a heavy-duty solar job box can also save you money in the long term.

Larson Electronics manufactures and designs solar job boxes for industrial, outdoor applications. These units are secured on a skid base for seamless transportation with forklifts and vehicles.

Solar panels can be included on the skid base, as well as a genset for backup power. Models with masts are also available for raising equipment in outdoor locations. This solution is recommended for job sites requiring elevated lighting, security, and more.

For added protection in rugged environments, our solar job boxes on skid bases are finished with a durable powder coating. This protects the frame and makes the overall system more resilient in outdoor areas.