KOOI-REACHFORKS® adds versatility and value

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Meijer Handling Solutions has launched a wide range of telescopic forks such as hydraulic extendable forks, manually extendable forks, vertical mast height extensions, telescoping jib cranes and more. Each offer individual characteristics designed to provide specific cost-saving application solutions. Hydraulic telescopic forks allow single-side access to flatbed trailers reducing handling cycle times and saving money. KOOI-REACHFORKS can be fitted to most any type of lift truck allowing conventional forklifts to be converted into reach trucks.

Common cost-saving applications include:
  • Converting conventional forklifts into reach trucks
  • Loading/unloading flatbed trucks or rail cars from one side
  • Dual pallet transport
  • Safe support of differing load lengths
  • Providing additional reach to VNA trucks
Capacities to over 100,000 Lbs. with a wide range of sizes and various mounting types available