King Group introduces new ROTO-WRAP in situ strech wrapping

Scenario: Cartons or sacks are coming off the production line, and are being packed onto a pallet which is on a spring assisted, self-levelling table with a turntable fitted. When the pallet is full it is removed for stretch wrapping. Question: Why not stretch wrap the load straight away?

The ROTO-WRAP from King Group, allows the operator to connect  a docking stretch wrapper, to a spring assisted self levelling table with powered turntable,  in order to firstly load the pallet, then stretch wrap it, all in one go. The forklift driver then removes the pallet to store it directly in the pallet racking, saving time and effort over having to take the pallet to a remote stretch wrap machine.

One ROTO-WRAP can service either one or any number of POWERED ROTO-LIFT TURNTABLES.  The idea of using a combination of self levelling table and a docking stretch wrapper is very innovative, and fits well with our current series of forward thinking products available today.

When the docking stretch wrapper moves in, it is latched, power connected, then the stretch film is connected to the load. A manual counterweighted carriage allows the operator to lay on as many wraps as required, whilst manually tensioning the film to suit, as the load is power rotated. The carriage is suited to hand stretch film rolls, but machine stretch roll carriages can be supplied upon request.

Loads up to 2100mm are wrapped using the standard mast, but taller masts can be obtained. The docking unit can remain attached to the ROTO-LIFT whilst loading, if required.

There are no motorized parts on the docking unit, as each POWERED ROTO-LIFT has its own friction drive motor to rotate the turntable at 9 rpm via the switch on the docking unit. It incorporates soft start and stop, and can be used as a stand-alone powered turntable with an optional plug in foot control if required. In this configuration, pallet loads can also be wrapped using a hand held stretch film dispenser (for low height loads), so the options are either do it yourself wrapping or wrapping using the docking unit – very versatile!