Jungheinrich ERE line of pallet trucks powerful and efficient

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The Jungheinrich ERE 125 /225 /225DP powered pallet truck is a great tool for loading and unloading, order picking or transporting loads across the warehouse. With four optional stand-on platforms, users can set the height of the platform and level of comfort to suit their specific requirements. This feature helps minimize operator fatigue over the entire shift. With the touch of a button, the optional position CONTROL function allows the forks to rise to a preset height, thereby optimizing lift time and minimizing adjustments while moving more efficiently. The drivePLUS version, with its 3.2 kW drive motor, ensures quick acceleration and drive speeds up to 8.69 mph. The powerful 3-phase AC motor and high-output AC controller allow these powered pallet trucks to deliver quick acceleration, smooth directional changes and optimum performance.